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What is the secret to manifesting your dreams? The Law of Attraction and common pitfalls.

"You are the creator of your reality", "Manifest anything you desire", "Affirmations for positive midset" - we see these statements on book covers, article headlines, YouTube videos, it is seen all over the media. Many people are familiar with the concept of The Law of Attraction and wish to implement it in their lives, but without necessarily knowing how to apply it correctly.

Here are some common pitfalls, which I constantly come across while working with clients:

You don't believe in the affirmations you are saying.

Most people choose affirmations, which state their ultimate desire, for example: "I have one billion dollars", "I am confident in any situation", "I am always calm". The problem often occurs, when the person is so far away with their current state of being from where they want to be, that they struggle to connect to it at any level- it is hard for them to visualise the outcome or to feel the ultimate emotions. The words we are saying (affirmations) are merely a small switch, which helps us to turn on the real manifesting machinery - our vibrations. In order to bring something into our reality we need to vibrate in the same way NOW. We need to feel it NOW, connect to it on the EMOTIONAL level. So if you recognise that there is too big of a gap between where you are right now and what you are affirming, break it down into smaller chunks, things you believe in ALREADY, like: "Every day I am becoming richer and richer",

"I have been confident in the past and I know I can get there again", "I have all the tools I need to be calmer".

Affirmations, which start with "I want"

When you say "I want", all the Universe is hearing is "wanting" and so it delivers "wanting". You trap yourself this way in a loop of "never getting there". Instead of saying "I want" try "I am"or

"I have". Moreover remember to state your affirmations in a present tense and feel it as if it already has happened.


While manifesting pay attention to where your intention is coming from: are you coming from a place of lack (neediness) or a place of richness and fullness (focusing on what you desire). When you are visualising or repeating your affirmations, do you feel longing for things, hoping that you will get there one day, are you trying to fill in a gap from an unhappy, needy state? You can not simply get there from there. The more you unconciously project lacking and neediness the more you will get it. One of the best ways to overcome this is gratitute. Every morning write a list of things that you are deeply grateful for, it can be something small like the smell of oranges or something significant like the love of your family, write for as long as you feel inspired to. Once in that state of gratitude you may find it easier to come from abundance thus you may conduct your affirmations in an optimal mental enviornment.

Lack of use of tonality and body language

In order to attract powerfully, we need to connect to our desires on the emotional level as I mentioned in point 1. How do we awaken those emotions? The choice of words in our adffirmations is very important, but even more crucial is HOW we say them - what tonality we are using and what is our body language expressing in that moment. Start to be aware of your voice and your body, choose the empowering tonality and movements for the emotion you want to connect to. This aspect needs to be tailored by you as we are all individuals and we express the same emotions in different ways.


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