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I strive to be the best version of myself and it is my primary mission in life as well as the biggest passion to help my clients to do the same. 

When people ask me why I do what I do, what really drives me, I give them a simple answer: I deeply believe (and I believed it from a very young age) that each and everyone of us has a unique gift, a talent, which is an incredible source of joy when we live it and immeasurable value is unleashed into the world. I believe that by rejecting it, we are turning our back on the source from which it came from. I haven't just decided to believe it, my life proved it to me. I have spent many years of my early life working in different industries just to find out that I still feel empty, no matter how high my position was or how much money I was earning. Once I stepped into my self development journey everything changed... I discovered my true purpose and my second nature - coaching. Today I am living the life of my dreams, enjoying every minute of every session.

I worked on myself to the level that almost every area of my life range around 9 on my scale of success (it is not 10, because I  believe that there is always a room for improvement wherever you are), my career,my health, my relationships, wealth, spirituality, growth, fun, contribution, family... The list is endless, as once you are committed to live your purpose, everything else starts to fall into place. And if I could do it you can do it too, as long as you are strongly committed and willing to do the work. Improving your mindset is like building muscles at the gym - it requires sweat. Truly, it is even more difficult than growing muscles, that's why coaches like me are here for you to help. 

You probably ask yourself a question: well, but how can I trust you? What makes you qualify as a coach? 

 I trained with the top world performing coaches - Senior Coaching Team at Tony Robbins International and The Coaching Academy in London. I have also coached groups and hundreds of individuals in the past years delivering results (some of the testimonials are available on my website).

As most of my clients are international, we usually connect via Skype or phone, occasionally I am willing to meet in person if you live in the local area (London). Please contact me if you want to arrange it (due to respect to my family life I do not run in person sessions at home, it would be a cafe or a cosy conference room).


The quality of the coaching relationship as well as the results of the sessions depend not only on the coach, but on the client as well, and I would say from my experience just as much. For that reason I work only with those individuals who are committed, already achieved successes in some areas of their life and are very serious about their goals- they are ready to invest time, money and effort to get where they want to be.

My clients work with me, because they are ready to reach their maximum potential and they are eager to take action... and the truth is, if you are not comitted enough, nothing will change.

As long as you are truly willing to make a progress, fassen your seatbelt and lets begin the ride towards total transformation!

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions, I usually respond within 24 hours.

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