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"The coaching sessions with Paula helped me to redirect my focus towards the most important areas of my life that I was procrastinating to address for a very long time. She made me realised what really matters to me, what my values were and are and which I now live by every day. The six months of working together allowed me to make fulfilling choices for myself and I have learned to face the challenges in my life with a positive attitude. What I found very valuable as well was the fact that Paulina made me create a clear, structured plan that took me where I wanted to be. I knew what the exact steps were and I needed to take. As a result, I built up my confidence and took a different approach & attitude when preparing for my interviews which turned into a successful outcome. Moreover, I improved my social skills and overall perspective about life which resulted in improving the relationships with my friends, housemates and work colleagues. Today, I am much more confident and motivated person and I truly feel I can take up challenges with a different attitude and believe that I can overcome them. I would like to thank Paulina for her professionalism and for helping me to become a better person and also professional."

Ravinder Bhangoo, Engineer


" The coaching journey together with Paula was a true life changer. She is a great listener and made me realise I needed to give up work because it was taking up too much time for the return that I was getting. The impact on my family was negative and I needed to assess what I really wanted out of work.


Since started my coaching sessions I resigned from work and I am focusing on developing my wider skills that will give me a better work/life balance."


Yas Batchelor, GM & Lead Consultant

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"The overall impact of coaching from Paula has been transformational for me. Our sessions were the catalyst in getting me to start working towards my passion in so many areas of my life.
We begun our conversations with Paulina at a time when I was fed up and ready for change.

had started a course I wasn’t developing in, was in a job I was close hating and didn’t
feel I had a good life/work balance. Paulina’s coaching style was engaged but laid back
all at the same time which allowed me to think clearly and practically about what I wanted from life. My sessions with Paulina were fun and effective. I left with clear plan of actions and
clear goals and a sense of purpose for my efforts and struggles. I am now in my ideal job, completed my course and started a successful business. I have to say that without coaching from Paulina, I am not sure I would be anywhere near where I am today.
The one thing that becomes really obvious with Paulina is that she loves what she
does, she is so passionate about improving people’s lives and adding value wherever
she goes. This sincerity and commitment to her craft makes Paulina and ideal coach to
work with."

Farah Dualeh, Organisational Manager


"My sincere thank you for our coaching sessions, I am truly grateful for your help in my professional goals and the breakthroughs. You are at the core a true leader with the most genuine care to transform people's lives. If you are seeking for a coach to help you get clarity in your career path and a strategic plan on how to achieve that goal, then go with Paula Tejs. Thank you for making a difference."

Jean-Henri, Sales & Marketing Specialist


"I would highly recommend lovely Paula, our sessions together left me completely transformed! She has very inspiring spirit! She made a major shift in my perceptions during our conversations and that lead me to make better decisions in my business. Today I am confident while talking to my clients,
I increased my sales and I have more passion for what I do than ever."

Malwina Sowinska, Photographer


"Paula has been my life coach for one and a half years by now. For the most part of our time, we've been working on stress management topics. Since professionally I am building my own business I usually work a great number of hours and have a lot of responsibility. When we have started our coachings I was overwhelmed by the workload, challenges and responsibility I've been facing and feared that not only my productivity would suffer, but as well my health. Paula helped me to better understand, identify and define problems. Piece by piece we have developed strategies to mitigate those.
Paula has always been professional and has a deep understanding of psychology and mental techniques. Since she has a lot of experience in coaching her suggestions are usually on point and well adapted to the individual and the situation.
Personally, I have been satisfied with the results achieved and therefore would recommend Paula as a coach."

Roman Prytkov, Co-founder of  Prapkurs Medizin Studieren & Drive Trust


"Paula is a wonderful coach who is passionate about helping her clients to figure out what it is they want and breaking it down into achievable bite-sized chunks.

Her approach is very professional whilst being warm and pleasant.  She aims to make you feel at ease from the onset and gradually by the end of the session, a wonderful rapport would have developed between her and her client.  That has been my experience with her at every single session I had with her.

She challenges your limiting concepts, in a good way that nudges you towards a more positive perspective of yourself.  An experience that leaves you feeling more confident and having more self-belief in your ability to achieve your goals.

She leaves no stone unturned at helping you to explore your goals. Through purposeful questioning, she guides you to view your goal from every angle.  She helps you to see every corner and to spot any cracks in your goal.  She is very thorough!  As a result, you not only gain a deep insight into your goals, you’re able to identify the more important aspects of your goal to focus on first. This enables you to create a more solid structure of action plans to work on.

I always leave her sessions feeling excited at the prospect of achieving goals I’d considered insurmountable before she coached me.  Other than my ongoing goals, I have achieved most of my short-term goals through her coaching.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional coach who has what it takes to help them to make that journey from there present position to where they’re aiming to make their destination."

Stella Maher, Home Business Owner

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"The experience has been an amazing journey, and an incredible eyes opening. First, I thought the website was very easy to use, with all the necessary information at hand. 
I started the sessions without thinking or knowing too much about where this would lead me, and I've been very pleased with the results. 
I've been convinced that I wanted to work together since our first initial call. I felt like Paula understood where I was coming from, and she managed to make me feel at ease quite easily. When we ended the call, I was convinced it was the right choice, and got very excited for the sessions to come. 
It's been quite a commitment to work on a weekly basis, with a lot of work to do between the sessions, but this as been so rewarding. I've learnt so much on the professional and personal level (how to deal with emotions, how to deal with crisis, how to analyse what's happening, and mostly, how to set up clear goals for everything). I had no idea that the sessions would lead me to this career choice (photography), and am now very excited for all the next steps to come. Instead of being completely lost, I know have clear goals to come, that seem very achievable and not scary at all anymore."

Charlotte Seignovert, Customer Experience Team Manager


"For a very long time I had put a lot of effort and energy in a job that I really didn't enjoy and it took me a lot to admit it. Changing the situation wasn't even an option for me.
I thought I had tried everything. I was continuously revisiting and evaluating my daily actions, words and thoughts and I was blaming myself for not being as I wanted to be.

I had the continuous feeling of “not being good enough” and I was sure people judged me exactly in the same way. It didn’t matter all the times where I had actually succeeded or did a good job; inside I felt a “fraud”.
I remember feeling ashamed of being promoted.
My mind was continuously sending me negative messages.
In several occasions all I wanted was to shut up my mind, have a break from myself and enjoy my life, but I was trapped in my mental patterns. Not surprisingly, this was affecting negatively other the aspects of my life.
Then, one day I decided I had enough; I stopped pretending I could handle the situation and I reached out to Paula for life coaching.
It has been a life changing choice.
It has been one year of hard work and continuos amazing discoveries about myself and my limiting believes.
Today I’m finally aware of my mental patterns and thanks to our coaching sessions together I was able to replace them with different mechanisms which make me feel happy, complete, strong and excited about myself, my reality and my future."

Laura Sartori

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