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Lack of execution the biggest choke hold for business owners

What makes ONLY 4% of new businesses survive after their first 5 years? Key word being 'survive' not thrive. Now in your business if you were to chose one area of concern that you think contributes to your business not doing as well as it should. . . What would it be?? Maybe you believe your business plan is not up to scratch, or maybe you or your team haven't got the skills to take things to the next level. You are certainly right.. What research has shown in fact is the lack of EXECUTION is the biggest choke hold!! The knowledge or skill might be there, but without certainty in the execution, things tend to come to a halt. Who is in charge of execution? As the owner, this will be you. Are you executing? Are you not? Are you wondering why you're not? Well it might come no surprise to you that this is all psychological. Having someone accountable for your actions is a great driver psychologically. Teamed with training your mind to believe in your actions, in other words having absolute certainty will program you to execute without fail. This in turn will leave no stones unturned in your search for exponential business growth and success.

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