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You are not who you think you are

During the years of my work as a life coach I have identified that there is one crucial key in order to improve our mindset. That key is an AWARENESS of who we really are and who we are not. What I mean by that is, we need to realise which part of our mindset was consciously chosen and which part of it was created by external influence without our conscious decision.

Most people see their behaviour, thoughts and opinions as who they are, they identify themselves with it. The first step to awareness is when you realise that your behaviour is not you. Most of the things that you say, think or do is simply an effect of past conditioning. These patterns of behaviour, which has been programmed (predominantly as a child) while interacting with parents, carers, teachers, friends, all the people you have spent most of your time with. Additionally, as we can easily guess, we are highly influenced by everything we watch and listen to on a regular basis, therefore media is another huge 'mind coder'.

If you were to listen every day to a tv programme where presenters constantly state: 'only people with good education have a chance for a happy life' and they would show the evidence supporting that statement, your subconscious would begin to record it in your mind like a recorder on a tape. You would then create a belief and start making your decisions based on that. The impact on your life could be that you would find education necessary in order to feel fulfilled.

We know that there are people in this world who are very happy and successful without education, we can find lots of examples, if we only decide to reach out for them.

We are made of words, thoughts and behaviour that our subconscious mind adopted at very early stages of our life. By the age of seven most of our patterns are formed and after that repeated day after day, continuously during all our adulthood… Until we start questioning them…

And here comes the beauty of creation. Once we question our behaviour, thoughts and beliefs, we can begin to choose which ones are serving us and which ones where leading to destruction. We start to sift and sort, we can decide which patterns we want to keep, which to reprogram and which are worth creating.

At this stage, because of our awareness we are able to make a CONCIOUS decision and see what is in alignment with who we really are and who we want to become.

Are you able to list a few thoughts or behaviour patterns which come from your subconscious mind? When you finish do the same for the conscious mind.

If you want to create a powerful mindset, free of limitations, begin with AWARENESS.

Have you really consciously chosen your thoughts, beliefs and behaviour? If not, take control today.

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