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"Most people's lives are direct reflection of the expectation of their peer group" Ton

Are you starting a new project, new business or new career? Or maybe you want to take your relations with people to another level? If yes, here is a point worth to consider: am I surrounded by people who inspire me, who help me to grow, expand, bring the best out of me? Or am I surrounded by energy draining, negative people, who always do the same thing to get the same result, often complain, or just stay in the comfort zone and never move forward...

If your expectations are much greater in comparison to your friends, family, colleagues, loved ones, there might come a time when they will drag your standards down. Psychologically they would experience a fear of loosing you, as they are not matching your level. It happens very often that even

if a person is very committed to their goal, they're very likely to give up on it, if their closest environment is not supporting it, or in the worst scenario,

is against it.

During my private sessions with people, I see it over and over again: the client takes one step forward, for example, by exercising positive thinking in the morning (with given tools), and then, shortly after, taking two steps back, by having a discouraging conversation with their husband during their breakfast. People who genuinely believe in us and truly wish the best for us are playing a vital role to our success.

Another example I could share, which clearly shows that our peer group plays a gigantic role in how we shape our world: a lovely client decided to send her CV and Cover Letter to a company of her dreams. As a result

of months of coaching together I helped her discover her true self, passions, purpose, strengths, beliefs and many others. We finally got into the stage

of sending it off, but she hesitated. As it turns out her friends had told her

to approach the job application differently. She didn't even explore their idea, she just took it on board without consideration, untill we spoke...

After digesting both approaches, through in depth questioning techniques, she came to the conclusion that her original idea was in fact the right one.

Those around us have influence (direct or indirect) on all our decisions,

and every decision either big or small creates the life we are living in.

Even a tiny step can lead us to a completely different tradjectary.

Who are the people you are hanging around the most? Are they your chearleaders and inspirational?

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