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What is the single most important element of building a successful business?

I listened and have spoken to a dozen of successful business owners and when they talk about the one, single most important element at the beginning of their journey, it is almost always about the mindset- their belief systems, their way of thinking, their perceptions, their habits...Everything starts in the mind. I know this also from my very own experience, as today I am running a successful and fulfilling coaching business primarily, because I have changed myself first and therefore the way I operate and make decisions.

Tony Robbins, one of the greatest authors, speaker, life coach and strategist of all time once said that eighty percent of any success is psychology and only twenty percent is mechanics (strategy). I have spent a good amount of time in Tony Robbins environment (partly being trained as a coach) while trying and testing this approach first by myself and afterwards with my clients. Today I know by the results we were getting, that spending effort on shifting your mindset will get you much faster to where you want to be than by any other action you could take.

The logical following question would be, so what is that successful business mindset, what do I need to do in order to become that person? And here is the purpose of this blog post for you today: I am going to share with you few key mindset attributes of successful people based on what the biggest players in the field are sharing, experiences of my own as well as my dear clients. Here it comes!

1. Believing in yourself and your product/services.

Have you build a truly unbreakable belief that you can make it, that you are good enough, that you can bring value for every single penny, which your customer will be spending?

You are only believing enough if you are ready to be rejected 100+ times, be criticised 100+ times and to fail 100+ times. You truly believe when you do absolutely everything what it takes to achieve your business goals. Most people stop trying after facing few failures or few challenges.

2. Creating an abundance right here and now.

Abundance is a mindset not the numbers in your bank account. We all can be abundant today by focusing on what we have already. You can have a million pounds in your account, but if you are not grateful for it, you are poor. So you don't need to wait until you are living your dreams, start today by counting your blessings. Once you start, it is hard to stop:) Like attracts like, whatever you become, you bring more of it to you. So if you want abundance in your business, start by living it now, through your thoughts, emotions and actions.

3. Decide.

A decision doesn't happen when you think ' I should have a business', the decision happens when you think and feel with every part of your body 'I must have a successful business, I am totally committed, there is no turning back, this is a choice and a promise that I make to myself'. And you do it, because you want to, not because someone else expects that from you. When you make a true decision, you stick to it, no matter what. We only make these types of decisions when we are driven by a deep purpose, we have strong reasons behind doing what we do.

4. There is no failure, there is only feedback.

One of the reasons,why the top business players weren't paralysed by the fear of failure during the early stages, is because they understood that success can be ONLY built from a place of failure, we simply can not master anything if we don't learn, and we often learn the hard way and through our own experiences. You can of course prepare yourself in the best possible way by mirroring the path of those who have already done whatever you want to achieve and it is highly recommended to do so, although you need to expect failure and treat it as a friend, which is here to bring you a message, so you can learn from it and take your business to another level.

5. Emotional management.

The emotional state we are in dictates every decision and every step that we take every single day, therefore has a direct link to what will be happening in your business. If you are in a state of being tired and frustrated for example, you won't be able to influence people on a meeting, you won't come up with the best ideas for your project, you won't have the drive to put full effort in whatever you are doing and therefore you reduce the productivity of your business. Contrary, if you are in a state of confidence, flow, creativity you do amazing in sales, you have the ability to influence people, your employees, clients, business partners, you easily resolve problems. I think that you get the idea by now. Emotional mastery can be learnt and there are various techniques to help you to tap into any emotional state anytime, anywhere.

6. Visualisation must become a part of your daily routine.

There is a famous saying: 'Without a vision, people perish.' The meaning of the vision goes even deeper and importance of it is truly immeasurable. When you focus on a specific detail of your outcome, your brain activates, what's called The Racticular Activated System. Neuro science explains that this system allows us to filter tons of information, which surrounds us every day, it can only process a small amount of it, so it will only see the piece of information that you are interested in.

And you create your points of interest based on what you focus on, therefore if you consciously choose a point of focus - you visualise what you want, your brain will start looking in your surrounding for those specific aspects of your vision while filtering out the others. Visualisation is one of the most powerful tools to achieve specific outcomes in your business.

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