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Beliefs and success cycle

We all have an unlimited potential but often our actions don’t reflect what we are capable of achieving. What is the reason? Our limiting, unconscious beliefs are holding us back.

Our nature is to invest our energy in what we believe will support the outcome that we are seeking, therefore when we lack in belief that something is possible to achieve, we hesitate to take action or we put a very small effort into it. Little action or no action means poor or no results, and when we can’t see the results we reinforce the uncertainty and lack of belief. That creates a vicious cycle, that can only change when we make a conscious decision to change what we think and believe.

The cycle of success can’t exist without a belief, which builds the feeling of certainty which in turn is a motor for actions leading to results.

Do you remember a time when you were certain that you can pursue your action in order get what you want? Do you usually get what you desire when you expect things to happen, when you have a strong belief? If the answer is yes, ask yourself a question: what would happen if I will decide to change my beliefs about what I told myself I can or cannot do?

Watch the miracles that will happen...:)

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