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Value innovation for a successful business

How much time do you invest in value innovation?

How often do you ask yourself the question: what would be the incredible value I could offer to my clients that is unique to my business? Do you explore on a daily basis what you could do to make your customers satisfied on a level that is beyond their imagination?

Business development tends to focus on technology innovation instead of value innovation, which occurs when you offer people a dramatic increase in buyer value. If the value innovation is non-existent, all the available technology out there will only get you so far. Value innovation is what gets people pulled towards your offering and creates a desire of using your products and services long term. In other words, it is a source of ongoing clients who are forever hungry for more. Value innovation is what gets your customer addicted to your market.

Instead of focusing on technology first like many other businesses, direct your energy on how your product or service could contribute to increase the quality of buyers lives. How can you dramatically make their lives more fulfilling, joyful, balanced, easier, comfortable, adventurous? Once you get those questions answered, shift your attention to best possible technologies that will support your message and delivering it to your audience. By following this path you will be able to shift beyond the competition and create your own space In the marketplace.

“If you do something no one else is doing in your space and focus on offering overwhelming value, if you create a blue ocean, you get a gigantic advantage.” - Tony Robbins

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