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The key to purposeful career

Most of the time when we are thinking of the outcomes that we want to gain from a career, we tend to focus on our own benefits. Am I going to get enough money? Am I going to be working with people that I get along with? Am I going to be satisfied? Am I going to be able to get a promotion? Am I going to have a chance to travel?

Am I… Am I… Am I..

And they are all good questions to ask yourself but what you should know is that there is so much more to the equation in order to be successful and to feel like you are serving a greater purpose. The way to fulfil those is to find a drive bigger than yourself, the one which is going to add value to others, the one which contributes to the higher good. Life supports what supports life. Whatever you give out comes back to you. We are here on this planet to do much more than only fulfil our own needs. It’s not to say your needs don’t matter, it is to say, that this focus on its own doesn’t create real happiness and the essence of a purposeful career. Our true power is in giving, which creates abundance not only for ourselves, but for the whole Universe.

From today ask yourself a question: what can I give? As much as you are asking yourself a question: what can I get? You will feel more fulfilled than ever.

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