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Can you use your emotions to drive you when you most need it?

Habits can be formed over long periods of repetitive behaviour. Some of these behaviours are wanted, but most are unwanted. When trying to start something new, we may have unusual feelings, and these feels usually lead us back down a street that takes us away from growth, and back to comfort. . But why are we led back to actions that create comfort? Well firstly comfort is safe, and we have been wired to be safe a long while ago when we had to avoid the big scary predators. And secondly because it's a pattern, well, a trained habit. As we grow up learning these patterns of behaviour taught by general society we let them unknowingly become habits. We are steered towards comfort at almost every corner. A simple scratch on your arm and everyone is making sure you are comfortable...that's lovely of course. But if we are not learning to be able to break the control comfort or program different emotions to bypass uncomfortable feelings, then these simple acts of kindness might be reinforcing bad habits. Now a great way to practice new behaviour and overcome feelings that might make you want to pack it all in and go back to that comfortable safe spot, is a powerful technique called future pacing.

It is a very simple but powerful tool. The principal of this technique is to associate your mind and body to the end result of your goal.The focus is on the emotions you will feel while achieving this goal, how will you feel, how will your close ones feel about you, who will you become, what will your confidence be like. You will want to feel them as though as they are actually happening.. and the beauty is every time you may be having fears or feeling uncomfortable you can simply ask yourself the questions again, bring about the feels of this achievement, this will instantly change your mental state, and refocus you. And what's even better, once you have done this enough times, it will become a simple habit, feelings of being uncomfortable will vanish, and you will be driven by positive emotions.

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