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Don't go to work. Go on a mission.

The word 'work' has usually a negative association in

our mind: it is hard and it is something that we must or should do. Many people are looking for different ways of how to work less and get more, for them work may equal pain.

But what if instead of going to an office, where you have to spend another boring day you decide to go on a mission, YOUR mission. If you decide to take that path, time disappears, because you do what you love and what you were truly made for. Money doesn't matter any more, because you are driven by a higher purpose, but yet magically your income starts growing faster than ever before.

Find something that you will live for, something higher than yourself, that will serve others, bring value to the quality of their life and you will reap enormous awards. If you will do what supports life, life will support you. This is one of the laws of nature.


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